What Can I make with 5g of Silver Clay?

5g doesn’t sound like much does it? 

IN FACT you can make a decent sized pendant, pair of earrings or even a small sized ring out of it!

Rolling out to 1.5mm thick you can make a piece 3cm in diameter and at 1mm thick you can make one at 3.2cm, at 0.75mm thick it’s 3.5cm… Then you have all the possibilities that cutting, using moulds, layering up and hand modelling gives you. 

Most people on my intro classes opt for one main design, and then if they have some time they make a few extra small pieces with what is left over. 

If you’d like to join me for a class, I run them regularly throughout the year, at different venues across the South West!

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What is Metal Clay?

Metal clay is just what it says! It is a clay based product which can be turned into real metal!

Silver Metal Clay was developed by Mitsubishi in Japan in 1990 as a material for craft jewellery makers, it is a combination of three products: fine particles of metal, water and an organic binder or “clay”. It is also an eco-friendly product as it uses recycled particles of metals left over from other factory processes.

Much the same as in pottery, metal clay can be sculpted, carved and moulded to create a design in two or three dimensions. This is then dried out, to remove the water content, and fired with a torch or in a kiln to remove the clay – leaving us with pure metal which can be polished up or gemstones added just like in traditional silversmithing techniques.

The most popular brands are Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay Silver (ACS) and there is also a diverse range of other colours of metals available too like; bronze, copper iron and steel – so the creative possibilities are endless!